ADL: Nashville School Shooter Not ‘Left-Wing Extremist’

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) does not classify the person who killed six people at a Nashville Christian school in March 2023 as a “left-wing extremist.” This is likely because the ADL is a fierce defender of LGBT gender identity politics — and a “left-wing” classification of the shooter would damage that narrative.

The shooter’s given name was Audrey Hale, and she was a 28-year-old female living life as a male while using the name “Aiden”. This LGBT status has been her sacred absolution, as the standard left-wing position is that LGBT-identifying people are oppressed and are acting in self-defense in such incidents.

Indeed, the Biden Administration engaged in victim-blaming following the attack. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a press briefing after the attack: “And so it is shameful. It is disturbing. And our hearts go out to those in [the LGBT] community as they are under attack right now.”

The tragedy at Nashville’s Covenant School has resurfaced in the news as the ADL released its “2023 Murder & Extremism Report.” It stated that all 2023 mass shooters “were far-right extremists.” When questioned by the Daily Signal about why Audrey Hale was not included in the report, their spokesperson said: “The case of Hale does not appear in the report, as we did not find clear evidence of extremism.”

This is viewed by many as a tacit sympathy for Hale’s actions against “oppressive White Christians.”

Hale left behind a “manifesto” that was hidden from the public for political reasons — and its message reeks of extremism. A very principled Nashville police officer was able to leak the document to YouTube commentator Steven Crowder.

Hale’s handwritten manuscript was chock full of ethnic slurs for White people, hatred for Christians, apparent disdain for blond-haired people and profanity-laced descriptions of what Hale perceived as “White privileged” lifestyles.

In the midst of her racist tirade of White hatred, there was one slur that was a get-out-of-jail-free card for the ADL. Hale used the derogatory term for a gay person. That one drop of red “right-wing” extremism apparently was enough to muddle the color of five gallons of “left-wing” extremism. The ADL’s report stated that the “epithets directed at white and LGBTQ+ … did not provide evidence of any particular extremist ideology.”

Founded in 1913, many who knew the ADL from decades ago are familiar with their legitimate work opposing antisemitism and defending free speech. Today, any claims that the organization is “apolitical” do not stand up in the light of their support for censorship and their classification of conservative and patriotic organizations as “hate groups.”