Allegations Surface Against Democrat Regarding Immigration Event Participation

Congressman Colin Allred, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Texas, faces allegations after reports emerged of his attendance at an event where attendees were purportedly educated on evading law enforcement, particularly immigration authorities.

According to sources cited by Fox News, the event, hosted by the Dallas County Democrat Party earlier this month, featured the distribution of “Know Your Rights Cards” intended to inform individuals on how to handle encounters with immigration agents.

These cards, produced by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, provide guidance on various scenarios, including interactions with immigration officials at one’s residence or in public spaces.

Critics have drawn attention to Allred’s voting history, citing instances where he voted against measures aimed at bolstering border security. This scrutiny intensifies against the backdrop of heightened concerns over illegal immigration, particularly in Texas, which has experienced a surge in unauthorized border crossings.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) seized upon these allegations, accusing Allred of receiving substantial financial support from donors associated with left-leaning causes, including individuals allegedly linked to anti-Israel protests on college campuses.

“Those protests are being funded by Joe Biden and the Democrats’ top donors,” Cruz said of his Senate race opponent in an interview with Fox News Digital last week. “They’re being funded by George Soros and the Rockefeller brothers and Bill and Melinda Gates and the Pritzkers. Those folks are not just Joe Biden’s top donors. They’re among Colin Allred’s top donors.”

“Colin Allred has accepted $80,000 from those donors that are funding the anti-Israel, antisemitic protests on college campuses,” Cruz added.

Cruz’s remarks underscore the political implications of these allegations, with immigration policy and foreign funding emerging as contentious issues in the Texas Senate race.
As these allegations unfold, Allred’s campaign is likely to face increased scrutiny, as voters assess the implications of his alleged involvement in events advocating for immigration evasion tactics.

Allred’s campaign has not yet issued a formal response to these allegations, leaving questions lingering as the Senate race in Texas continues to garner national attention.