Another NYC Subway Shooting After Hochul Deployed National Guard

The presence of hundreds of National Guard troops in the New York City subway system did not suppress the explosion of violent crime faced by the city’s commuters. A rider was shot in the head Thursday afternoon as terrified passengers looked on.

Investigators believe the man who is currently in critical condition was shot multiple times after he provoked another man on the Brooklyn train. The victim was apparently shot with his own gun.

Police told reporters that the gunshot victim initially brandished the weapon before it was taken away and used on him.

According to police, a 32-year-old man was aggressively approached by a 36-year-old man on the train. They began arguing and then physically fighting before the older man produced a knife — and then a firearm.

During the melee, police believe a woman who was riding with the 32-year-old man stabbed the 36-year-old. She fled the scene and authorities are now searching for her.

CBS reported that the younger man was then able to gain control of the gun before firing several shots. The gun owner was struck multiple times.

Passengers in the tense video circulating of the violent encounter can be heard screaming at the two men to stop. Four gunshots clearly rang out before the train pulled into the next station.

It was the station that houses the NYPD’s 30th Transit Precinct.

Commuters ran through the open doors to get away from the mayhem. The 36-year-old was rushed to Brooklyn Methodist Hospital and at last report is listed in critical but stable condition after surgery to treat the gunshot wounds.

This latest violence incident came in the aftermath of Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul sending 750 National Guard troops to get control of the NYC subway system. They are deployed to check baggage and ensure that riders “feel safe.”

The governor also promised New Yorkers “teams of mental health workers” to pacify commuters.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams spoke Friday morning about what he described as a mental health crisis in the city. “When I looked at this tape and broke it down piece by piece and frame by frame, it is clear that it personifies…those with severe mental health illnesses.”

Neither of the men involved reportedly had a history of mental health issues.