Antifa Sabotages ‘Woke’ Butcher Shop In Portland

In yet another case of the far-left eating their own, Antifa members have claimed responsibility for sabotaging a leftist-owned butcher shop in Portland on Saturday, it has been learned.

Known as “Rose City Antifa” and proclaiming themselves to be “anti-speciesists” and “anarchists,” the offenders said they shut off power to the butcher shop so that the meat would rot and be unsellable. They also took credit for sealing the lock on the door with spray foam and even admitted to shutting power off to adjacent stores “because it was fun.”

The butcher shop, known as Pasture PDX, focuses on producing high-quality meat from “ethical” and “holistic” sources. In a rather quixotic virtue signal, their brand claims to be trying its best to “suggest that people shouldn’t eat as much meat as they do, but if they do choose to eat meat, eat meat that is coming from the right sources.”

However, this wasn’t enough for the “anti-speciesist” extremists. Anti-speciesism is a radical ideology that believes no species of living thing is superior to another, therefore putting humans and animals on an equal footing. Unsurprisingly, it seems extremist communist groups like Antifa attract fanatics of all varieties into their ranks.

The owners of Pasture PDX were known to espouse far-left views. H.J. Schaible and Kei Ohdera proudly displayed a gay pride flag on the front of their store and actively promoted the Black Lives Matter movement on social media. Their comments were sympathetic to Antifa burning down buildings during the communist race riots of 2020 that shook the nation.

Antifa is a notorious communist organization that routinely seeks to disrupt law and order to further their Marxist goals. Businesses that benefit from capitalism and police are often their targets.

The Pasture PDX case presents an interesting psychological commentary on the kinds of people attracted to radical movements. Once the fanaticism sets in, it doesn’t matter what side a person is on. Being an ally will not offer protection from extremists, because the nature of extremism is to go after anything that presents even a grain of opposition. There is no room for compromise or tolerance because extremists are intolerant by default.

It is not known yet how much damage was sustained to Pasture PDX’s inventory.