Bezos Earth Fund Invests $100 Million In Fake Meat

The Bezos Earth Fund, a philanthropic organization backed by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has announced a total of $100 million in funding for the development of fake meat as part of its efforts to control nutrition in the name of “climate change.”

The fund has partnered with North Carolina State University (NC State) to establish the Bezos Center for Sustainable Protein, which will focus on advancing the production and commercialization of plant-based alternatives, precision fermentation and cultivated meat.

The center, established through a $30 million award from the Bezos Earth Fund, aims to address the projected global protein supply gap in the coming decades. It will unite academia, industry, chefs and policymakers to develop and commercialize advanced protein manufacturing techniques.

Believer Meats, a leader in the cultivated meat industry, has also announced its partnership with the Bezos Center for Sustainable Protein at NC State. The company is currently building its first-of-its-kind commercial-scale production facility in Wilson, NC, which is set to be operational by the end of 2024 with a capacity to produce over 26 million pounds of cultivated meat annually.

“At Believer Meats, we are on a mission to make it possible for all future generations to eat meat. We are doing this not only through great product development, but also by focusing on the core fundamentals that ensure a lasting business,” said Gustavo Burger, CEO of Believer Meats.

The Bezos Earth Fund’s investment in alternative protein development is part of a larger, $1 billion effort to transform food production to bring down emissions and fight climate change. Food production is considered the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, making it critical to find ways to feed a growing population without degrading the planet.