Biden Administration Directs Release Of Migrants Despite Recent Ban

Despite issuing an executive order to crack down on illegal immigration, the Biden administration has instructed border agents in southwestern California to release migrants from 94 of 100 countries in the Eastern Hemisphere into the U.S., the Washington Examiner reported Friday.

The guidance, outlined in a leaked Border Patrol document, applies to the San Diego region and takes effect immediately. The document states that only adults from Georgia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan will be expedited for removal by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). All other migrants will enter the U.S. to await their asylum process, as before.

This directive contrasts sharply with the Biden administration’s previous statements on immigration policy. Earlier in the week, officials emphasized new restrictions on asylum seekers, asserting that all migrants would face swift consequences regardless of their country of origin. A senior administration official had stated, “Extra-hemispheric migrants have always been a challenge. They will be subject to these rules, provisions.”

However, the new guidance suggests a different approach. Migrants from regions such as Asia, Europe, and Africa, who are frequently encountered in San Diego, are often difficult to repatriate. A Customs Border Protection official told the Examiner that agents in San Diego would continue placing migrants of all nationalities into expedited removal proceedings, indicating possible inconsistencies within the administration’s policies. The official also noted that limited funding impacts the enforcement of Biden’s original executive order.

The New York Post reported Thursday that tens of thousands of migrants might bypass Biden’s new order if their home countries refuse repatriation. A leaked memo suggested that single adults and families from countries not allowing charter repatriation flights might still be processed for expedited removal or section 240 proceedings, allowing them to stay in the U.S., similar to previous policies.

Former President Donald Trump criticized Biden’s executive order during a Newsmax interview, calling it a “public relations executive order.” Trump remarked, “First of all, it’s a nothing that he did and allowing massive numbers of people still to come in, and it’s just misinformation, disinformation, and just another hit job.”

The administration’s recent actions highlight the ongoing challenges and complexities in addressing illegal immigration, as well as the difficulties in enforcing consistent policies across different regions and migrant populations.