Biden Chooses Podium Position Over Last Word In Upcoming Debate

President Joe Biden has made an unexpected choice for the upcoming debate against former President Donald Trump. After winning a coin flip, Biden opted for his preferred podium position rather than the order of closing remarks, a decision that may give Trump the last word.

According to CNN, the coin flip, which determined these options, resulted in Biden selecting his favored spot on the debate stage. This means Biden will be positioned on the right side of the stage, while Trump will be on the left. The former president’s team then chose to have Biden deliver the first closing remarks, ensuring Trump finishes the debate.

Jim Messina, a former campaign manager for Barack Obama, explained Biden’s choice to ABC News. Messina stated, “Biden just ‘likes’ that side and it’s a ‘personal preference.’”

The debate, set for June 27 and hosted by CNN, will feature moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. Both candidates agreed to specific rules, including muted microphones when not speaking and no note cards or conversations with aides during the debate. Each will have a bottle of water, a pen, and a pad of paper available.

While Biden prepares intensively at Camp David, Trump has taken a different approach, focusing on broader policy discussions with his team. These contrasting preparations underscore the different strategies each candidate is bringing to the debate.

With the debate fast approaching, viewers are eager to see how these choices will play out and what impact they will have on the overall dynamic of the event. The decision to prioritize podium position over the closing word adds an intriguing element to the already highly anticipated debate.