Biden’s Border Crisis Forcing Detroit To House Illegal Immigrants

President Joe Biden’s lax border policies have subjected Americans to what seems to be a never-ending crisis at the southern border, with millions of illegal immigrants pouring across the border into the U.S. Considering the high number of unlawful migrants in the country, officials in Detroit, Michigan, are calling for them to housed in private homes.

A nonprofit organization that seeks to care for African illegal immigrants living in the U.S., the African Bureau for Immigration and Social Affairs, is headlining efforts to find places to house the unlawful migrants in Detroit since the crisis has exponentially worsened, according to the group’s founder, Seydi Starr.

“We’ve been calling on administrators. … We have seen the lack of supportive services for that specific community primarily working with Black immigrants,” Starr told the Detroit News. “We have been working to secure the understanding that these people are here, and something needs to be done about it.”

The head of housing solutions and support services at Detroit’s Housing and Revitalization Department, David Bowser, said the city can handle the surge in unlawful migrants.

“And we stay in daily touch with our homeless outreach agencies to manage Detroit’s homeless population,” Bowser said. “Despite occasional dire predictions, these efforts have continued to successfully prevent Detroit from experiencing tent cities popping up as has been seen in other communities.”

Bowser’s claim that Detroit officials’ efforts have prevented migrant tents was not shared by Starr, who said that the reason tents aren’t often seen in the Motor City is because of residents who have housed illegal immigrants.

“The only reason tents aren’t lined up along Woodward Avenue is because of community members who have been stepping up to help,” Starr said, adding that her organization is making extra strides to ensure that unlawful migrants are afforded private housing.

Biden’s refusal to secure the southern border has led many cities across America to deal with the issue.

Cities such as Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Detroit and Denver have been forced to tackle the illegal immigration crisis, given Biden’s inaction.

Instead of ramping up border security efforts, the president recently asked Congress for $14 billion to house illegal immigrants in luxurious hotels and towns across the U.S.