Biden’s Border Policies Blamed For Unemployment Crisis, Crime Surge

President Joe Biden’s immigration policies are facing renewed scrutiny following reports of widespread unemployment among illegal immigrants admitted into the United States, coupled with a surge in criminal activity in border regions like Kinney County, Texas.

Data from the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that over 50% of illegal immigrants allowed into the country since 2022 are currently without employment. Critics argue that President Biden’s lax border policies have facilitated a significant influx of illegal immigrants, contributing to demographic shifts and straining local economies.

Furthermore, concerns over public safety have escalated as communities grapple with a surge in criminal prosecutions linked to illegal immigrant-related incidents. Kinney County, Texas, has witnessed an alarming increase in criminal charges, overwhelming law enforcement and judicial systems.

During a testimony before the House Budget Committee, Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith detailed the profound impact of illegal immigrant-related crime on local resources, citing substantial budgetary implications and challenges in delivering essential services to residents.

Smith underscored the tragic consequences of open-border policies, citing instances where emergency responders were unable to promptly assist residents due to competing demands from illegal immigrant-related incidents.

The surge in illegal immigrant-related crime is not confined to Kinney County, with reports of criminal incidents emerging nationwide. From assaults to rapes and fatalities, communities across the country are grappling with the repercussions of unchecked illegal immigration.

Critics have lambasted the Biden administration’s handling of illegal immigration, arguing that lax enforcement measures have compromised public safety and strained vital resources. Calls for comprehensive immigration reform and strengthened border security are intensifying, with many urging the administration to prioritize the well-being of American citizens.

As the debate over immigration policy rages on, concerns persist about the long-term implications of unchecked illegal immigration, both in terms of employment opportunities and societal cohesion.