Deceased Boeing Whistleblower Reportedly Made ‘Powerful Enemies’

A bombshell report released on Friday claimed former Boeing employer John Barnett “made powerful enemies” when he became a prominent whistleblower.

And it was further revealed that the deceased man made a disturbing prediction to a friend before his demise.

Breitbart News reported that Barnett, who was found dead of an alleged suicide on March 9 at age 62, was providing evidence in a lawsuit against the powerful company. Police described the cause of death as a “self-inflicted wound.”

Barnett retired from Boeing in 2017 for health reasons after working for the company for 32 years. Since that point he has been embroiled in a lengthy legal action against his former employer.

According to the New York Post, workers for the company warned that he “made powerful enemies.” And then came word that he allegedly took his own life, something that many refused to believe.

One anonymous Boeing worker told the outlet that there is widespread skepticism that Barnett committed suicide. But employees refuse to speak of it because “we’re on camera from the minute we get on the property. They can hear us. So no one wants to talk about it at work.”

Another worker told the Post that the job is good “but you’ve got to stay in line.”

In yet another disturbing development, a friend identified only as Jennifer told ABC 4 that Barnett made a bizarre prediction before his passing. He said that he could end up dead for publicizing safety issues at Boeing.

He allegedly told Jennifer, “If anything happens, it’s not suicide.” She declared to the outlet that she is certain her friend did not kill himself. “There’s no way.”

Barnett reportedly predicted he could meet a violent end after making public statements about safety concerns following his retirement from the company.

She told the outlet, “He wasn’t concerned about [his own] safety because I asked him, I said, ‘Aren’t you scared?’ And he said, ‘No, I ain’t scared, but if anything happens to me, it’s not suicide.’”

Jennifer reported that they were discussing a pending deposition in the Boeing legal case. She said he was a pallbearer at her father’s funeral in February when he revealed that someone wanted to “shut him up.”

Barnett’s body was discovered at a Holiday Inn during a welfare check after his lawyer said he could not reach his client. He was slumped over the steering wheel of a truck with a gunshot wound to the head, and was clutching the pistol.