Democratic Candidates In Swing Districts Distance From Biden

Following a lackluster debate performance against former President Donald Trump, President Joe Biden is seeing Democrats in key 2024 races distance themselves from him. Concerns about his cognitive abilities are driving this trend.

In swing districts and other competitive races, some Democrats are reconsidering having the president join them on the campaign trail. Axios reported that one House Democrat, speaking anonymously, mentioned “frantic efforts” to avoid Biden during campaign season. “I don’t ever want to see him here,” the legislator said, adding that major donors are angry and want Biden to step down.

Another anonymous House Democrat said party members in competitive districts are “freaking out” about Biden’s effect on the ticket. Another noted, “Trump could widen the electoral map to make my race very close.”

Distancing from an unpopular president is a common strategy in congressional races. However, Biden’s unique vulnerabilities as the oldest president bring new dimensions to this approach. Congressional Democrats have generally polled ahead of Biden, but there are growing fears that his unpopularity will drag down their races.

At the Capitol on Friday, many swing district Democrats avoided discussing Biden’s debate performance. One even pretended to take a phone call to dodge questions. The Biden campaign has been trying to maintain a positive spin, stating that the president’s status in battleground states and fundraising efforts remain unchanged.

Breitbart News highlighted that despite the backlash, the Biden family insists Joe Biden stay in the race. Sources close to the situation confirmed that Hunter Biden is one of the strongest voices encouraging the president not to withdraw. The family’s determination contrasts with calls from some Democrat officials and donors who question Biden’s ability to serve a second term and suggest he should step aside.

In summary, as the 2024 elections approach, Democrats in competitive races are increasingly trying to distance themselves from President Biden, driven by concerns over his debate performance and broader political vulnerabilities.