Energy Concerns Expand Trump’s Lead Over Biden

A recent Pennsylvania poll shows that voters prefer former President Donald Trump’s energy policies over those of President Joe Biden.

The poll results, published by the Commonwealth Foundation, lead to predictions that Biden will not be able to repeat his 2020 win in the keystone state in the highly anticipated head-to-head rematch against Trump.

The Daily Wire reported that “the majority of voters” who participated in the poll cited domestic energy production and energy affordability as the lead factors determining their vote in the 2024 election.

André Béliveau, the Commonwealth Foundation’s senior energy policy manager, said of the poll results: “Pennsylvania voters have made it clear they prioritize energy affordability and reliability over climate alarmism.”

He added: “Likewise, Pennsylvanians overwhelmingly support economic freedom and oppose excessive government regulations and red tape.”

The poll found that Trump held a 3-point lead over Biden in the swing state when researchers asked voters who they trusted more with energy.

WHYY News recently reported that Biden administration officials blocked Pennsylvania’s plans to develop natural gas liquids export terminals. The project was known as Penn LNG.

Penn America Energy CEO Frank James shared he was surprised by the Biden administration’s decision. However, he acknowledged that during a “tense public meeting” in 2023, many residents expressed environmental impact concerns regarding the export terminal project.

The outlet reported that as Biden announced a pause on the project, he said, “This pause on new LNG approvals sees the climate crisis for what it is: The existential threat of our time.”

Pollsters believe Biden’s February LNG decision attributed to his losing ground to Trump on the energy issue.

Inferring that Biden should make some adjustments in the runup to the election, Béliveau noted that Democrat Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman are concerned about federal policies that negatively impact energy production in the state.

Béliveau said: “Energy affordability is going to be a top priority for voters in Pennsylvania, especially as we’re leading up to the elections in November,” adding that Fifty-four percent of voters oppose Biden’s recent decision to pause approval to export liquefied gas.

Bureaucratic red tape, including excessive permit regulations, reportedly contributes to high energy costs in the state. Béliveau pointed to West Virginia and Ohio as examples of states with fewer regulations and lower energy costs.

Sen. Joe Pittman (R-PA) agrees that the state needs to explore and expand low-cost energy alternatives and put “consumer affordability” ahead of climate change initiatives.

A recent Fox News poll revealed that support for Trump among Pennsylvania voters has risen approximately 4 points in since the 2020 election. Trump currently holds a 2-point lead over Biden.