European Parliament Shifts Rightward, Leaving Establishment Parties Reeling

In a significant political shift, voters across Europe sent a clear message to the establishment during Sunday’s European Parliament elections, driving the legislative body rightward and humiliating parties whose policies have radically transformed the continent with unchecked migration, failed assimilation, costly climate alarmism, and globalist tendencies.

The election results have already had far-reaching consequences, with one country’s prime minister resigning and other leaders facing potential ousters in their respective nations.

In Italy, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s national conservative Brothers of Italy party secured nearly 29% of the vote, making Meloni one of the most powerful figures in the EU.

France’s National Rally party, led by Marine Le Pen, ran circles around French President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-European Renaissance Party, prompting Macron to call for snap national elections and the dissolution of the National Assembly.

Germany’s Alternative for Germany party, despite vilification by the liberal media and the political establishment, placed second with 15.9% of the national vote, beating German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s establishment Social Democratic Party.

The rightward shift was also evident in Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium, where right-leaning and nationalist parties made significant gains at the expense of establishment parties.

The establishment’s concern-mongering and warnings about the rise of the right appear to have fallen on deaf ears, as voters prioritized issues such as migration, identity, and pushing back against climate alarmist policies.