Former President Trump Attends Wake Of Slain NYPD Officer, Calls For ‘Law And Order’

Former President Donald Trump recently attended the funeral services for an NYPD Police Officer Jonathan Diller, who was gunned down in the line of duty after serving only three years with his unit.

Trump gave detailed condolences to his family, calling for a restoration of “law and order” after meeting with Diller’s widow and one-year-old son after the Long Island funeral service in Massapequa Park, New York.

Trump made brief and heartfelt comments during the service, addressing Diller’s friends and family, stating, “What happened is such a sad, sad event, such a horrible thing. And it’s happening all too often and we’re just not going to let it happen — we just can’t.”

The impassioned former president continued, lamenting, “But the Diller family will, you’ll never be the same, you can never be the same. But we have to stop it. We have to stop it. We have to get back to law and order. We have to do a lot of things differently because this is not working. This is happening too often.”

Officer Jonathan Diller was killed in Queens during a routine traffic stop when two suspects in the car open-fired on the officer, striking him under his bulletproof vest in his torso. Diller was immediately rushed to Jamaica Hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. The two suspects in the vehicle were taken into custody, one of whom — the suspected killer — had at least 21 prior arrests.

After the services concluded, Trump made a few comments to the press with at least 10 NYPD officers standing behind him, half in uniform and half in civilian attire, unknowingly forming the backdrop for the media’s shot.

Trump continued with his statement, addressing Dillard’s widow and son, stating, “The police are the greatest people we have. There’s nothing and there’s nobody like them. And this should never happen.”

While President Trump was showing his support for this tragic death, his opponent in the 2024 election, current President Joe Biden, held a fundraiser on the day of the wake alongside former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.