Former President Trump Holds Rally In North Charleston, SC

Former President Donald Trump held a rally in North Charleston recently ahead of the South Carolina Republican presidential primary.

His “Get Out The Vote” rally is a step forward to change the history of the greater Charleston area. Trump has lost in Charleston County twice: in 2016 to Hillary Clinton and in 2020 to President Joe Biden.

Following speeches from his endorsers, the former president took the stage at the Charleston Area Convention Center and immediately told his voters this country was better four years ago under his administration.

“America was stronger, richer, safer, and more confident than ever when I was sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office,” Trump said.

He said while in the White House, he had the greatest economy in the world, created record tax cuts, and increased wages for all races.

He continuously referred to President Biden as “crooked Joe,” stating Biden started a war on the nation’s great middle class.

“He inherited an amazing success from me. He wrecked it almost immediately and turned it into something resembling much worse than a third-world nation,” Trump said.

Trump then turned his focus, addressing his opponent in the GOP presidential race, Nikki Haley.

He said he only gave Haley the UN Ambassador position to make Henry McMaster governor of South Carolina. Trump said Haley wants to gut Medicare, raise the retirement age, and double taxes.

The former president has already won the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire primary. South Carolina’s GOP primary is coming up on February 24, and local election officials said they’re anticipating more than 60,000 voters in Charleston County.