Greene Files Motion To Oust Mike Johnson From Speakership

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently filed a motion to oust House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) after the House passed a whopping $1.2 trillion spending bill that contains many of the left’s priorities. The Georgia congresswoman had urged Johnson not to bring the legislation to a floor vote.

While speaking on the House floor, Greene called Johnson’s move a “complete departure” of the Republican Party’s values.

“No Republican in the House of Representatives in good conscience can vote for this bill. It is a complete departure from all of our principles, especially if you call yourself ‘pro-life,’” the Georgia congresswoman said.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Greene said the legislation was not “Republican” and was instead a bill controlled by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

“This is not a Republican bill. This is a Chuck Schumer Democrat-controlled bill coming from the House majority that is supposed to be controlled by Republicans, but yet our majority has been completely handed over to Democrats,” she wrote.

The massive spending bill passed the House by a 286-134 vote, with 101 Republicans supporting the legislation.

After the measure’s passage, Greene filed a motion to oust Johnson from the speakership. The resolution will not be considered until after the chamber undergoes recess since the Georgia congresswoman did not file it as privileged.

Greene said her move was a “warning shot.”

“I filed the motion to vacate today, but it’s more of a warning and a pink slip,” Greene told reporters. “I respect our conference, I’ve paid all my dues to my conference, I’m a member of good standing and I do not wish to inflict pain on our conference and to throw the House in chaos.”

A spokesperson for the House speaker, Raj Shah, said Johnson “always listens to the concerns of members, but is focused on governing.”

Greene’s motion to oust Johnson comes months after eight House Republicans voted to remove then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from the post following the California congressman’s decision to pass a stopgap spending bill supported by Democrats.

Shah said Johnson would continue to “push conservative legislation” that upholds border security, strengthens the U.S. military and works to grow the GOP’s majority in Congress.