Haley Under Extreme Fire Over Affair Allegations

Republican presidential hopeful Nikki Haley is under fire after a Friday Daily Mail story accused her of falsely denying two extramarital affairs. As the New Hampshire GOP primary closes in, the former South Carolina governor is now defending herself against these charges.

According to the Daily Mail, Haley was accused in 2010 of engaging in affairs with political associates Will Folks, 49, and Larry Merchant, 61. These trysts were allegedly considered an “open secret” in South Carolina political circles.

Both men signed affidavits affirming their inappropriate relationships with the married Haley before she became governor.

The future U.N. ambassador denied both allegations at the time, declaring she was “100% faithful” to her husband of 28 years, Michael Haley.

Near the period of her alleged misdeeds, he served his country on a National Guard deployment to Afghanistan that began in 2012.

New witnesses were cited by the Daily Mail, which quickly drew Haley’s wrath. On Friday morning, journalists for the media group were asked to leave her meet-and-greet with New Hampshire voters.

A reporter and photographer were expelled from the public restaurant where the presidential hopeful was talking to residents. Haley spokeswoman Chaney Denton reportedly told the pair, “Daily Mail is not credentialed for any more events. I’m politely asking you to leave.”

When asked if the ban was permanent, the simple reply was “yes.”

Haley posted a lackluster performance in Iowa, finishing third behind frontrunning former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Her hopes are pinned on a strong New Hampshire showing where she is currently polling second.

Many Republicans, however, feel it is time for the former governor to step aside. Trump and most of his supporters consider Haley to be far too moderate to lead the party to victory in November.

Influential former Fox News host Tucker Carlson flatly declared last week on X, formerly Twitter, that “Nikki Haley is not a conservative.”

There is a strong feeling that rabid anti-Trump Democrats are propping up her campaign with an assist from the leftist mainstream media. The hope, many believe, is that she will somehow surge past Trump to face Joe Biden in the fall.

But, as recent elections proved, mainstream Republicans with shaky conservative credentials do not have drawing power on the national stage. Therefore, Democrats believe she is the perfect patsy to ensure another four years of the Biden regime.