James Biden Testifies In Brother’s Impeachment Inquiry

The impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden has taken a dramatic turn as his brother, James Biden, testified to Congress behind closed doors on Wednesday. He was expected to be asked about the Biden family’s international business ventures and mounting evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government.

House investigators are interested in multiple questionable payments and deals involving the Biden family and foreign entities. James Biden’s business dealings with his nephew Hunter Biden and a bankrupt healthcare company are now central to the impeachment investigation.

The House impeachment investigation is working to determine the extent to which Joe Biden leveraged his political influence to benefit his family financially since at least his time as Obama’s vice president. The evidence developed and shared with the public so far includes proof of payments totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars wired to James Biden’s company from a Chinese energy firm. Investigators are expected to dig deeper into where that money went after James Biden received it.

According to bank records obtained by the House Oversight Committee, these financial dealings are part of a more extensive investigation into the Biden family’s alleged use of Joe Biden’s political stature for personal gain.

The testimony of Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of the Bidens, has added fuel to the fire. Bobulinski’s account of James Biden’s dismissive attitude toward the ethical implications of their business with China — quoting James as saying, “Plausible deniability” — points to a disturbing lack of concern for the potential political fallout.

Furthermore, the bankruptcy of Americore, a healthcare company tied to James Biden, which led to financial chaos and lawsuits, has only intensified the scrutiny of the Biden family’s business practices. James Biden’s alleged promises to secure investments from the Middle East using his political connections have raised questions about exploiting public office for private gain.

Democrats continue to argue the transactions between Joe and James Biden were legitimate loan repayments. However, the lack of documentation surrounding the alleged “loans” and the involvement of hostile foreign nations leave skeptics unwilling to give them the benefit of the doubt. Moreover, the absence of an admission of Joe Biden’s direct benefit from the transaction does not diminish the ominous cloud of suspicion hanging over the White House.