John Bolton Says He’s Voting For Dick Cheney In 2024

Former Trump Administration National Security Adviser John Bolton recently said during an appearance on CNN that he will write in former Vice President Dick Cheney for president in 2024 and revealed that he voted for Cheney for president in 2020.

“I think people want to move on from 2020, even most Republicans, although they don’t seem to realize it,” Bolton told Fox News anchor Kaitlan Collins. “So this concentration on what happened in the past I think will work to Biden’s advantage. And he’s unpopular enough. I think he desperately needs it.”

“And you’ve said you’re going to write someone in in November,” Collins prompted, leading Bolton to answer, “That’s what I did in 2020 and I’ll do it again this November.” The Fox News host asked him, “Who did you write in in 2020? You’ve never revealed that before.”

“I might as well say it now. I voted for Dick Cheney,” Bolton said on air. He praised the former Republican vice president under George W. Bush for his roots in Ronald Reagan-style conservatism. “And I’ll vote for Dick Cheney again this November … because he was a principled, Reaganite conservative and he still is.”

In addition to Cheney’s background in the first Bush administration after two terms with Reagan in the White House in the 1980s, Bolton said advancing age is no longer a dealbreaker for voters in politics. “Age is no longer a factor in American presidential politics so his age doesn’t disqualify him and I think he would do an immensely better job than Trump or Biden.”

“What about his daughter, Liz Cheney?” Collins asked, bringing up the vice president’s daughter, who served in Congress as a delegate for Wyoming. “Well, I like Liz a lot and maybe someday she’ll get my vote write-in vote too, but right now I’ll stick with her father,” Bolton answered.

“I hope it sways the electorate and prevents both Trump and Biden from being a successful candidate,” Bolton told Collins. “If I could start a nationwide write-in campaign for Dick Cheney, maybe I should do that.” Bolton has been a vociferous Trump critic ever since Trump fired him back in 2019 and said he was too hawkish for war in the Middle East.