Labor Union In Washington State Endorsed ‘Uncommitted’ Over Biden

The Washington chapter of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union 3000 (UFCW) voted to endorse “uncommitted” instead of President Joe Biden for the state’s March 12 primary.

The “uncommitted” movement gained some traction in Michigan when activists in the state pushed the campaign hoping to receive at least 10,000 votes. Instead, “uncommitted” received more than 100,000 votes and over 13% of the Democratic primary vote, and it has not stopped there.

“Currently, many voters, and UFCW 3000 executive board, feel that the best path to have the best nominee, and to defeat Trump, is to vote ‘uncommitted,'” the UFCW said in a statement. “The hope is that this will strengthen the Democratic party’s ultimate nominee to defeat Trump in the General Election in November.”

The “uncommitted” push in Washington is different from what happened in Michigan. When people started pushing the campaign in Michigan the movement was just a statement about Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas War.

The movement now seems more focused on Biden’s overall political weakness and his perceived inability to beat former President Donald Trump in the general election.

“We need a nominee who can run and beat Trump to protect workers across this country and around the world,” the statement continued.

The UFCW 3000 represents more than 600 unions and 50,000 workers across the state of Washington. The organization made its endorsement decision Wednesday night calling Biden “an ally to workers over the past four years,” but questioning whether or not he was the best candidate to defeat Trump in November.

The “uncommitted” campaign has also reportedly gained momentum in some of the Super Tuesday states like Colorado, Minnesota and North Carolina.

“I’m voting for Noncommitted Delegate,” Colorado-based activist Deep Singh Badhesha tweeted. “Though it’ll be late, if Biden’s polls continue to suffer and a loss to Trump looks likely, it’s up to the Dem Delegates in Chicago in August to fix this and nominate someone who can win.”

The “uncommitted” campaign is moving away from being solely focused on the Israel-Hamas War to being focused on whether or not Biden is the right choice for the Democratic nomination.