Missouri Woman Arrested For Allegedly Poisoning Husband’s Soda

Michelle Peters, a 47-year-old Missouri resident, faces serious charges after allegedly poisoning her husband’s Mountain Dew with weed killer. The Laclede County Sheriff’s Office reported that Peters added Roundup to her husband’s soda on multiple occasions throughout May and June.

The husband grew suspicious after noticing a strange taste in his drink and feeling unwell. He reviewed the home security footage, which allegedly showed Peters handling both the weed killer and the soda bottle. This prompted him to contact the authorities.
A press release from the sheriff’s office stated, “The victim began suspecting the soda was being tampered with after feeling ill. The victim provided video surveillance to the sheriff’s office, indicating that Michelle Peters was tampering with the Mountain Dew stored in a garage refrigerator.”

Further investigation confirmed that the husband was the only one drinking the tainted soda, isolating him as the target of the alleged poisoning. Initially, Peters denied any wrongdoing, claiming she took both the weed killer and the soda bottle to the garage to prepare a homemade herbicide, a method she saw on social media.

Despite her initial denial, Peters later confessed to the act. She reportedly told investigators that she poisoned the drinks to “be mean” because her husband did not show appreciation for the 50th birthday party she organized for him.

Peters was arrested and is being held in the local detention center without bond. This incident underscores the importance of addressing domestic conflicts before they escalate into potentially harmful situations. Authorities continue to investigate the case, emphasizing the need for vigilance and safety in domestic environments.