New Hampshire Surveys Predict Trump Majority In Upcoming Election

In New Hampshire, two polls indicate that former President Donald Trump has extended his lead to double digits in the upcoming Tuesday race.

A CNN poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire reveals that former President Donald Trump holds a substantial 11-point lead, with 50% support, over former Gov. Nikki Haley (R-SC), who has 39%.

Just earlier this month, Trump led Haley by a narrower margin of seven points, with 39% to her 32%.

Since the CNN poll conducted in early January, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) withdrew from the race with the intention of supporting Haley. During this period, Haley gained seven points, going from 32 to 39%. However, Trump’s support also increased by 11 points, rising from 39 to 50%. This expansion of Trump’s lead transformed it from a seven-point margin to a more substantial 11-point lead.

The CNN New Hampshire poll, conducted online with 2,348 adults from January 16-19, carries a margin of error of two points.

Furthermore, the fact that CNN conducted a survey of adults instead of likely voters just 48 hours before an election is one of the reasons it’s humorously referred to as CNNLOL.

Now, turning to the second poll, it targets likely voters and originates from the ongoing Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking survey. In this poll, Trump boasts a substantial +17 point lead.

According to this tracking poll, Trump’s support has surged to 55%, while Haley maintains 36%, and DeSantis trails with just 6%.

In the very same tracking poll, Trump’s backing has surged impressively, rising from 50.4% to 55% since Wednesday.

Haley has also witnessed an uptick in her support, albeit more modestly, moving from 33.8% to 36%.

It’s essential to note that this poll comprises 500 likely Republican primary voters and was conducted between January 19 and 20, with a margin of error of 4.4%.

In the past four days, Trump has managed to extend his lead over Haley by just one point, progressing from a 16-point lead to a 17-point lead, which might appear insignificant. However, what holds significance is Trump’s surge from slightly over 50% support to a solid 55%.