New Video From James O’Keefe Featuring White House Staffer

In the latest of his notorious sting videos, James O’keefe hears from a White House cybersecurity employee what Democrats really think about the President and Vice President.

O’keefe is known for his work in these types of sting operations. He founded Project Veritas in 2010 to conduct similar undercover information gathering, and was removed as chairman in 2023. He continues his work under a new company, O’keefe Media Group.

“Yeah I’m fairly high up. I’m good at keeping secrets,” Charlie Kraiger, a Cybersecurity Policy Analyst and Foreign Affairs Desk Officer in the Executive Office at the White House, said on a date with O’keefe, who had dyed his hair and was wearing glasses.

Kraiger then proceeded to reveal White House staff’s opinions on the country’s leaders, discussing who will be the Democrats’ presidential nominee.

President Joe Biden was confirmed to be the nominee for the 2024 election, but officials aren’t happy about it. Kraiger confirmed common opinion on the president’s mental decline, saying, “Biden is definitely slowing down.”

He will, however, still be nominated for a second term as president— mostly because of concerns about the tradition of keeping the incumbent president on the ballot.

Voters, however, also don’t seem very happy about another term for Biden. His approval rating is languishing at 40%, with nearly a fifth of his own party disapproving of his performance so far.

While Biden’s nomination was a given, there had apparently been debate among high-ranking Democrats as to whether Vice President Kamala Harris would retain her position on the ballot.

Harris will apparently remain on the ticket solely over concerns with the optics of removing a racially diverse woman from her position. Harris has even higher disapproval rates than Biden.

A further interesting statement by Kraiger reveals that Harris “hemorrhages black staff. She can’t keep black staff. They quit on her en masse.” Whether this comment will be investigated further is yet to be seen.

One of the more surprising revelations from the video is the news that former First Lady Michelle Obama has no intention of running for office. Many people previously speculated that she had political aspirations. Apparently, she has no interest in the presidency after seeing her husband experience it firsthand.

Kraiger deleted his LinkedIn and X accounts after the incident. He reportedly has held his cybersecurity position in the white house since 2020.

At the end of the video, O’keefe dramatically revealed his identity to Kraiger, before teasing a future video on Kraiger’s reaction to the deception.

O’keefe Media Group’s full video can be seen here: