Rep. Crenshaw Attacks Carlson Over Recent Israel Criticism

Despite campaigning as a conservative Republican, U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has engaged in a number of public feuds with high-profile right-wing pundits and politicians since entering Congress.

One of his frequent foes is former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson, a rival he once again denounced in a social media post this week. Specifically, Crenshaw took exception to a recent interview Carlson conducted with a Palestine-based Christian pastor during which both men criticized, at least to some extent, Israel’s behavior in its ongoing war with Hamas.

The segment also touched on allegations that Christians living in Israel are mistreated by that nation’s Jewish leaders.

While Carlson courted significant backlash from his own side of the political spectrum with his remarks, Crenshaw’s assessment was particularly severe.

Calling Carlson “a click-chaser” who chooses to “defend America’s enemies and attack America’s allies” in pursuit of internet attention, the Texas Republican continued: “There isn’t an objective bone left in that washed up news host’s body. Mindless contrarianism is his guiding principle, buttressed by his childish tactic to ‘juSt aSK quEsTiOns!”

Crenshaw went on to accuse Carlson of failing to provide objective answers to the questions he asks.

“Instead, he uses his platform to sow doubt and paranoia and false narratives,” he added.
Reiterating his claim that Carlson’s goal is “clicks and engagement, which of course translate to monetary benefit,” Crenshaw’s lengthy tirade continued.

“He wants you to believe he is the last place you can go for truth, that he’s the ONLY one brave enough to reveal the elitist lies being told,” the lawmaker wrote. “This nonsense about Christian mistreatment in Israel is just the latest example. Tucker will eventually fade into nothingness, because his veneer of faux intellectualism is quickly falling apart and revealing who he truly is: a cowardly know-nothing elitist who is full of s—.”

A number of notable sources also spoke out against Carlson’s characterization of the Israeli government’s attitude toward Christians.

However, Crenshaw’s harsh assessment soon racked up thousands of disapproving replies, including a post from one prominent right-wing account that read: “America-last war pig sellout says what?”