Rep. McCaul: Mexico Is Worried They’re Being Invaded

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said this week after returning from Mexico City to meet with the Mexican president that Mexico’s government is concerned that the world is illegally invading Mexico as a result of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They’re increasingly concerned that they’re getting invaded by Central America, Venezuela, Haiti, and all these other countries,” McCaul said in an interview Friday with the Washington Examiner following his return. The Texas delegate led a bipartisan group of congressmen to Mexico City last week to meet with Mexican president Andres Manuel López Obrador.

McCaul remarked that it was the first time the Mexican government seemed to take the border crisis seriously as a problem for its people as well as for Americans north of the U.S.-Mexico border. He said their message to the congressional delegation was, “We know it’s a problem for you all, but it’s our problem, too, and we want to work together with you on this.”

The Texas congressman said the meeting with Obrador and other top Mexican officials was “lengthy” and “productive.” The two North American neighbors discussed their shared fentanyl problem as well as illegal immigration. McCaul said he was surprised to discover that Mexico agrees with the U.S. that deportations are an effective short-term solution to the problem.

Mexico has recently begun to fly Venezuelan immigrants back to Venezuela and started working with the United States to allow the U.S. to fly Venezuelan immigrants to Mexico. “That would provide a major deterrence in the short term. They currently have some military down there that they would allow us to assist them with that effort,” McCaul said.

“The deportation flights, if coupled with a long-term plan to help seal off the border between Mexico and Guatemala, always made more sense to me,” said McCaul. “One, you’re pushing the border out. We’re not playing defense on the one-yard line. And secondly, it’s a choke point where you can literally stop any migrant coming up outside of Mexico and from getting in.”