RFK Jr. Considering Rodgers, Ventura As Potential Running Mates

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is closing in on his short list of potential running mates, and the roster surprised quite a few political observers.

Among prominent names Kennedy is considering for vice president are star NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and retired wrestler and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura.

Unlike Rodgers, who currently plays for the New York Jets, Ventura has a political background. He also confirmed that he is an independent, adding that “I’m not a Democrat or a Republican because I know they’re not the solution.”

A Kennedy spokesperson said Tuesday that Ventura and Rodgers are on a short list. And while the quarterback may appear to be an odd possibility, the two have shared interests.

Rodgers endorsed Kennedy last year after the two united in their opposition to COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Both decried forcing the public to submit to experimental jabs against a disease that posed little threat to the vast majority of recipients.

Democrats, of course, are running scared of Kennedy’s campaign for its potential to siphon support from President Biden. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) was quick to pounce on the independent’s possible running mates.

In a statement, the DNC’s Mary Beth Cahill blasted the announcement. “The Three Stooges reunion was something no one was asking for. It’s no surprise this is the shortlist considering the conspiracy theorist is doing the choosing.”

Ventura and Rodgers are not the only public figures known to draw Kennedy’s interest. He approached Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, according to two people close to the campaign.

Paul subsequently revealed he is not open to being on a presidential ticket. “I’m supportive of his ability to have a platform to speak out. I think he’s saying a lot of good things. But I have no plans to get involved in the campaign.”

Gabbard was mentioned early in the Kennedy run as a possible running mate. But the sources said she is no longer close to the VP vetting team and has instead turned her attention to former President Donald Trump.

Following the presumptive Republican nominee’s victorious Super Tuesday, Gabbard hosted a fundraiser at his Florida home.