RFK Jr: Doctors Discovered A Worm ‘Got Into’ His Brain And ‘Ate A Portion of It’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. revealed a startling health revelation during an interview with The New York Times, stating that in 2010, he experienced memory loss and mental fog, leading doctors to suspect a brain tumor.

However, Kennedy claimed in a 2012 deposition that another doctor suggested the abnormality in his brain scans was caused by a parasite, which he described as “a worm that got into my brain and ate a portion of it and then died.”

According to Kennedy, he has since recovered from the memory loss and brain fog without requiring treatment for the parasite. Doctors speculated that a cyst observed in his brain scans contained remnants of the parasite, although Kennedy admitted he was unaware of the specific type of parasite involved.

Kennedy’s health revelations were made in the context of his divorce proceedings with his second wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, who tragically took her own life before the divorce was finalized.

The 70-year-old independent presidential candidate disclosed that he also received a diagnosis of mercury poisoning around the same time as the parasite revelation. He attributed the mercury poisoning to a heavy consumption of fish with elevated mercury levels.

Despite these health challenges, Kennedy remains resolute in his presidential bid, quipping on social media about his cognitive struggles and expressing confidence in his ability to outperform both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump — joking that he would “offer to eat 5 more brain worms and still beat President Trump and President Biden in a debate.”

Kennedy’s campaign spokeswoman, Stefanie Spear, brushed off concerns about his health impacting his candidacy, dismissing them as “hilarious” given the competition.
Kennedy, running as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential race, faces stiff competition from President Biden and former President Trump, both of whom are in their 70s.