Speaker Johnson Must Now Prioritize Borders Over Foreign Aid

In a powerful statement against the Senate’s early Tuesday morning passage of a $95 billion national security supplemental package, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has firmly placed the focus on America’s pressing border crisis over foreign aid, particularly to Ukraine. The Senate passed the bill by a final vote of 70-29. To his credit, Johnson has remained steadfast in declaring the measure will be “dead on arrival” in the House.

Johnson’s reaction to the Senate vote was swift and scathing. He argues that the Senate’s focus on unaccountable foreign aid neglects the dire situation at America’s southern border. “America deserves better than the Senate’s status quo,” he declared.

The Senate’s procedural maneuvers further illuminate this disconnect to push through the foreign aid package without addressing border security. “In the absence of having received any single border policy change from the Senate, the House will have to continue to work its own will on these important matters,” Johnson stated, underscoring the House’s commitment to addressing border security as a prerequisite to any foreign aid discussion.

The Senate bill provides new taxpayer aid for Israel and the Indo-Pacific region funded by fresh borrowing and printing money in addition to the $60 billion earmarked for Ukraine.

The Senate’s bill has drawn criticism from Johnson and a cohort of America First senators and politicians who argue that national security begins at home.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) voiced a particularly strong opposition: “This bill gives the finger to American taxpayers. It is Ukraine first, America last.”

In a recorded “Spaces” discussion on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, X owner Elon Musk, former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, and Sens. J.D. Vance (R-OH), Mike Lee (R-UT) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) discussed the glaring problems with the Senate’s rush to fund Ukraine’s stalemate war against Russia. The group raised questions about the ultimate winnability of the conflict in Ukraine and the wisdom of continuing to fund what appears to be an intractable situation.

Speaker Johnson faces a critical decision as the bill heads to the House. With a clear mandate from his base and aligned politicians, the pressure is on to prioritize American interests, specifically border security, over international aid. Johnson’s earlier statements advocating for the Secure Our Border Act first and foremost signal a commitment to this cause, emphasizing that “national security begins at our own border.”