Take Our Border Back’ Trucker Convoy Heads For Texas

A convoy of as many as 700,000 protesting truckers will be departing from all over the nation on Monday to meet up at Eagle Pass, Texas to protest the Joe Biden Administration’s open borders immigration policy. At least one Texas delegate to Congress — Rep. Keith Run (R-TX) — is backing the trucker convoy and will speak at one of their events next week.

“So this is called ‘Take Our Border Back.’ It kicks off Monday,” said a Fox Business host in a recent interview with Rep. Run. “So you’ve got [ … ] trucks leaving from Virginia Beach that are going to go through Texas, Arizona, California — on the website it describes the event as a peaceful assembly encouraging all freedom-loving and law-abiding Americans to attend.”

“I saw that you posted on X to raise awareness [ … ] 700,000 vehicles(!)? That’s the prediction here. How do you keep that peaceful and on track?” she asked. “That’s a lot of trucks!”

“Well the people that organized this are the same people that went from California to D.C. with truckers,” answered Rep. Run. “So these people are committed to a peaceful demonstration that we’ve had enough. The American people have had enough. We’re demanding that the Biden Administration do its job, enforce the laws on the books, and secure our border.”

“Eight million people during the Biden Administration? That’s more than the population of Ohio. This is the time for us to rise up as the American people and demand that our president do his job. This should be a peaceful movement of the American people [ … ] and we’re pushing back. Now is the time,” Run added.

Earlier this month, the Texas congressman posted on X, “The Texas National Guard is protecting America when our federal government will not! Hold the line!”

Another Texas congressman, Rep. Keith Self (R-TX), recently said, “Once again, the truckers are standing for We the People. The time is NOW to take action and secure our borders!” Event organizers are informally calling the convoy “God’s Army.”