Texas Homeowner Uses Firearm To Stop Intruder Armed With Screwdriver

In Sherman, Texas, a homeowner defended himself with a firearm when an intruder allegedly charged at him with a screwdriver. The incident occurred Monday afternoon, around 5 p.m., at a residence on East Ida Road. Sherman is located about an hour and a half north of Dallas.

According to KXII-TV, the Sherman Police Department responded to a shots-fired call and quickly detained an individual matching the description of the suspected intruder. The suspect, Jose Menjivar, was found less than a block away from the scene with minor wounds to his hand from the gunshot. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and subsequently arrested for burglary of a building.

Lieutenant Sam Boyle of the Sherman Police Department explained that Menjivar was caught breaking into the homeowner’s shed. When confronted, Menjivar allegedly charged at the homeowner with a screwdriver, prompting the homeowner to discharge his firearm in self-defense.

“Officers located the homeowner, and detectives were called to the scene,” Boyle told KXII-TV. “We found burglary tools and other evidence supporting the homeowner’s claim of self-defense. At this point, we have no evidence refuting the homeowner’s account.”

Boyle further stated, “It appears that the firearms discharge was justified according to state law.” He also mentioned that the police would confer with the District Attorney’s office once more facts are established and a statement is obtained from Menjivar.

The incident highlights the homeowner’s right to defend himself under Texas law, particularly when facing an immediate threat from an armed intruder. The quick response from the Sherman Police Department ensured that the situation was swiftly brought under control, and the suspect was apprehended without further incident.