Tren De Aragua Takes Advantage Of Border Crisis To Expand US Operations

The Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua (TDA) is exploiting the U.S. border crisis to expand its operations, committing violent crimes across multiple states. Formed in Venezuela’s Aragua state, TDA is known for its brutal tactics and ties to the Nicolás Maduro regime. The gang has been implicated in several serious crimes, including the murder of a man in Doral, Florida, and the shooting of two New York City police officers. Additionally, a sex-trafficking ring involving TDA members was broken up by Louisiana law enforcement.

The influx of Venezuelan migrants during the Biden administration’s border crisis has facilitated TDA’s infiltration into the U.S. Many of the gang’s members have crossed the border illegally, blending in with the wave of migrants. Despite warnings from law enforcement about the threat posed by TDA, the Biden administration has not taken sufficient action, according to a source within U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

“It’s frustrating that no matter the indicators we have about possible TDA members or affiliates, the emphasis on processing, and not enforcement, remains the same,” the source told Blaze News.

TDA’s presence in the U.S. has become more visible, with U.S. Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens warning on X about the gang’s activities. Owens described TDA as the most powerful gang in Venezuela, involved in murder, drug trafficking, sex crimes, and extortion. He shared a photo of an illegal immigrant with TDA tattoos arrested in Texas, highlighting the gang’s reach.

Unlike the notorious MS-13, TDA members do not extensively tattoo their bodies, making them harder to identify. However, their activities have not gone unnoticed. Law enforcement agencies in Illinois and Indiana are investigating over 100 criminal cases linked to suspected TDA members. In Cook County, two TDA members were recently arrested on narcotics and weapons charges.

The Biden administration’s vetting process for migrants is hampered by Venezuela’s lack of cooperation in sharing criminal records. This creates a dangerous situation where TDA members can enter the U.S. without detection. Combined with lenient policies in Democratic jurisdictions, this allows TDA to expand its criminal operations.

The spread of TDA in the U.S. underscores the urgent need for stronger border security and more rigorous immigration enforcement. As the gang continues to exploit the border crisis, the safety and security of American communities are at greater risk. Addressing this threat requires coordinated efforts between federal and local authorities to prevent further violence and crime.