Trump Attorney Warns Of Potential Jail Time If Found Guilty In NY Trial

During an appearance on “Breitbart News Daily,” Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall suggested that leftists targeting former President Donald Trump will do everything in their power to keep him off the campaign trail, including potentially jailing him if he is found guilty in his ongoing New York business records trial.

When asked if Judge Juan Merchan would attempt to put Trump in jail immediately following a guilty verdict, Binnall responded, “You know that’s up to Judge Merchan.

They shouldn’t.” He highlighted the irony in the scenario mentioning how a liberal prosecutor, Alvin Bragg aims to release offenders onto the streets of New York City while also showing eagerness to prosecute a former president who is currently running for office.

“I believe they’re gonna do everything they can to try to because by putting him in jail, [that] keeps him off the campaign trail, and they know Joe Biden needs every assist possible in order for him to win the election,” Binnall asserted.

The Trump lawyer also criticized Judge Merchan for keeping the former president off the campaign trail by requiring him to await the jury’s verdict in person. “He knows that the process is the punishment, that even if a jury comes back with a not guilty verdict, or the jury comes back home, he’s still got his pound of flesh in this because he’s been able to keep Donald Trump from going out and campaigning,” Binnall stated.

Binnall pointed out that while Trumps opponent, President Joe Biden has been traveling widely to campaign and using the New York case to criticize the president. Binnall expressed his view that this situation represents an injustice in the U.S. Legal system.

With the jury deliberating in the New York trial the possible result and its effects on Trumps campaign for president are unclear. The case has garnered interest and triggered discussions, about how politics influences the legal process.