Trump, Biden Win Michigan, ‘Uncommitted’ Democrats Show Force

Both Donald Trump and President Joe Biden won the state of Michigan’s primary handily for their respective parties. But the Democrat incumbent Biden has a significant cause for concern in the form of over 100K voters — 13% of the total — who marked “uncommitted” on their ballot.

Michigan is a battleground state that will likely be a bellwether for Biden — it is one he cannot afford to lose. Trump carried it over Democrat opponent Hilary Clinton in 2016 by only 11K votes, while losing it to Biden by 154K votes in 2020.

The “uncommitted” movement in Michigan originated in its significant Arab / Muslim population. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a member of the informal far-left caucus known as “The Squad,” has been a leader of this voting bloc. They are furious over Israel’s defensive actions in Gaza and believe Biden’s support of the Jewish state has been unacceptable.

In the heavily Arab / Muslim city of Dearborn, a stunning 75% voted “uncommitted” rather than for Biden.

Most of these voters would be unlikely to support Trump, who during his term infuriated Palestinian advocates by formally recognizing Israel’s right to the city of Jerusalem.

It is possible some of the “uncommitted” could actually vote for Trump, as he has shown reluctance for protracted wars and might be viewed as someone who could broker an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Dearborn resident Shaher Abdulrab told the Washington Times: “I’m not voting for Trump because I want Trump. I just don’t want Biden. He (Biden) didn’t call to stop the war in Gaza.”

The goal of Michigan’s “uncommitted” proponents was to exceed Trump’s 2016 victory margin over Hillary Clinton, and that was achieved tenfold.

There was far less drama in Trump’s victory over his only remaining GOP rival Nikki Haley. The former president’s status as the party’s nominee is now a virtual certainty, as he has carried the first five primary states and will likely have the nomination clinched by mid-March. He defeated Haley by 42 points in Michigan after besting the former U.N.

Ambassador in her home state of South Carolina by 20 points last week.

Trump said to Michigan radio station WJR-AM on election day: “I mean, Nikki’s not even a factor. She’s gonna lose like by 80 points tonight or something. She’s become a joke.”
The one possible caveat for Trump was that Haley carried certain demographics, namely suburban voters and college graduates.

Some speculate that Haley remains in the race to maintain visibility and relevance should Trump’s legal troubles escalate and threaten the viability of his candidacy. The former president faces 91 criminal charges in four cases.