US Embassy Warns Of ‘Imminent’ Terror Attack In Russia

The U.S. embassy in Russia issued a dire warning late Thursday night of “imminent” terrorist attacks in Moscow and has urged Americans to avoid large crowds and concerts for the next 48 hours.

Additionally, the U.K. embassy also announced the same warning and urged their citizens not to travel to Russia.

The warning came just hours after the FSB — Russia’s successor to the KGB — foiled a planned attack on a Jewish synagogue by Islamic State terrorists. The ISIS cell is operating in Russia’s Kaluga region and seeks to establish a caliphate that includes Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

It is not known if the warning from the U.S. embassy and the successful thwarting of the terror attack are related incidents. It is also not known exactly how the U.S. embassy received such specific information about a potential attack.

However, some are questioning the timing of the warning, especially with Russia holding its presidential election next week. It would seem that an alert to “avoid large crowds” might deter some from attempting to vote.

President Putin is expected to win easily, but Russia has warned the United States not to interfere or there could be repercussions. Already, the U.S. embassy is being questioned by the Russian government as to why it seems they have not bothered to give any information to them about their foreknowledge of any upcoming attacks.

Withholding of such information may also be seen by Russia as grounds for a future retaliation in kind should they have information at any future point that might affect U.S. interests and safety abroad.

Regardless of having a common enemy in Islamic terrorism, relations between the U.S. and Russia are at their lowest point since the Cold War as NATO continues to fund Ukraine with arms and money in their war with the Donbass. Considering the hostilities between the nations and the tit-for-tat diplomatic games that can come, it may not be entirely surprising if information was indeed withheld. However, there is currently no confirmation on that matter.

Conditions in Russia continue to be risky for American citizens even without the threat of terrorism. Just last month, Ksenia Khavana, a Russian with American citizenship, was arrested in Yekaterinburg after it was discovered she had donated funds that ultimately went to the Ukrainian army. She was visiting Russia to see family.