Venezuelan Immigrant paroled Into US Accused Of Abusing Teen

A Venezuelan migrant was charged with carnal knowledge of a child 13 or 14 years of age, without force, last week after taking advantage of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ offer of parole for Venezuelan immigrants attempting to enter the country.

Renzo Josue Mendoza Montes, 31, originally attempted to enter the country in May, but was prevented by Title 42. He crossed again in September, given an immigration court summons, and paroled, with a court date set for 18 months later.

Last week, he was arrested in Campbell County, Virginia, for sexually abusing a teen girl.

Thanks to an unstable political climate and violence in Venezuela, large numbers of people from the country are illegally crossing into the United States. This has led to a string of violent crimes and establishment of notorious Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua in parts of America, especially Florida and New York City.

While America struggles with an influx of Venezuelan migrants, violence is actually decreasing in Venezuela. Whether this will slow down the influx of illegal immigrants is yet to be seen. Some people suggest that the decrease in violence in Venezuela is due to Venezuelan street gangs shifting their focus toward operations in the U.S.

This case follows a string of other high-profile crimes committed by Venezuelan migrants, including the murder of a retired Miami police officer, a viral video depicting the beating of two New York police officers, and the brutal murder of a young nursing student in Georgia.

Both of the crimes targeting police officers were linked back to Tren de Aragua.

It’s not known whether Montez has any gang connections, but his sexual abuse accusation serves as another grim reminder of the effects lax border security and catch-and-release immigration policies have on American Citizens.

While Mayorkas seeks to extend kindness and hospitality to those fleeing unrest in Venezuela, he also acts as a beacon attracting unwanted and untraceable criminals into the country, resulting in harm to the homeland he’s tasked with securing.