Viral Videos: Biden’s FBI Policing For Social Media Posts

Two videos went viral on social media this week showing federal agents working for the Joe Biden administration paying visits to private homes for social media posts deemed overly critical of the president.

The footage sparked outrage among conservatives who see the overreach of partisan political dysfunction and the big government police state.

The videos show people claiming to be federal agents but hesitant to provide identification, knocking on private citizens’ doors to ask questions about their social media posts regarding President Biden.

One of the videos shows a woman from Stillwater, Oklahoma, while she answered an unexpected house call from federal agents. She asked to see identification from the two men and a woman who stood on her doorstep, but they were reluctant to provide it upon request.

“I’m not going to show you my credentials on the phone,” one of the agents said. “You said you were with the FBI?” the woman asked. “That’s correct,” the agent answered. When she asked again, “Can you show me your credentials?” the agents said, “We did.” When she asked a third time, “Are you going to show me your credentials or not?” one answered, “We did already.”

Then another agent began questioning the resident: “What we would like to do is just have a conversation with you about some social media posts that you’ve made. Would you be willing to talk to us today about that?” After the resident said she would like to talk to a lawyer before speaking with them, they continued to harass her with questions.

In another video, a man who says he is from the FBI knocks on a woman’s door to ask questions about a political post she made to X, formerly Twitter.

According to BizPac Review, the viral video of these tactics is fueling the growing perception that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) serves as a politicized secret police force for Biden and the Democrat Party.