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Thank you for contacting Republican Patriot. We provide news for Americans with traditional values. If you’re concerned about protecting the rights of your loved ones, we’re here to help, providing you with the information you need about cultural trends and the laws those trends shape. Whether it’s making sure conservative politicians keep their promises to us or keeping an eye on liberal politicians with out-of-control, reckless spending, our job is to hold politicians accountable — and to let you know about it.

A Mission of Integrity

We uphold journalistic integrity by providing a traditional, balanced, fair view of culture, news, and politics unfolding across the state-level and national spectrums. We operate by only providing the truth, with the understanding that we want to maintain respect for the law enforcement officers and service members who proudly keep our communities and nation safe.

Republican Patriot employs a unique combination of coverage by keeping an eye on culture (in our News & Culture newsletter) with the legislation culture affects (in the Political Watch newsletter). This enables our audience to see the dramatic effects of positive and negative cultural change upon our laws.

The Republican Patriot Team

The Republican Patriot team comes from all walks of life. While they might be living on the coast or nestled in the Midwest, our team shares the integrity consistent with conservative American values. You’ll find writers and editors opposed to government over-spending. They are committed to upholding the rights of American citizens, holding politicians accountable, and more. They have strong beliefs in respecting those who protect and serve, and they believe in the power of personal responsibility.

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Republican Patriot loves hearing from our readers! Please reach out to provide feedback, news tips, suggestions, criticism, concerns, and more. We want to know what you think and feel that every reader’s voice is important and deserves to be heard. You have the right to free speech — use it! To connect, simply reply to any newsletter to reach one of our editors.

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