Editorial Policy

Everyone here at Republican Patriot takes pride in our dedication and commitment to upholding not just our Constitutional rights to freedom of press, but to doing so in a way that highlights a high level of journalistic integrity. Our editorial policy is a direct reflection of our beliefs. We know it’s possible to uphold conservative principles while at the same time honoring a distinct need for fact-based, unbiased reporting.

The Republican Patriot Mission

Our goal is to make sure you wake up each day to news you can trust. There are a lot of nuanced events happening in the world around us. Understanding each of these will also help us to understand how our political landscape is shaped. We are in tune with the concerns most conservative Americans have when it comes to media and threats to our rights, and we work hard to hold not only our own staff but our politicians accountable.

Our Editorial Policy

The team here at Republican Patriot is held to incredibly high standards and we never compromise. Team members who can’t uphold our basic tenants as they apply to transparency and unbiased reporting simply don’t make the cut.

It’s important that you understand our unwavering commitment to transparency. Every member of our team is required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest, corporate affiliations, and more. We also strive to share our sources, but will protect those who trust us to do so as well.

Unbiased reporting is also critical. While we are typically a conservative publication, we know how important it is for you to understand both sides of every story. We work hard to present the facts and make sure all sides are represented. You will not find editorialization or opinion on our pages.

Please Keep in Touch

Our readers are important to us. We want you to be a part of the Republican Patriot family. Reach out with questions, concerns, and comments. Think we made a mistake? Tell us and we’ll make the needed corrections. We’re here for you, day in and day out.