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Thanks for visiting Republican Patriot. We’re pleased to introduce you to our team — a group of individuals committed to serving as watchdogs when it comes to the legislation, news, and cultural shifts that stand to impact the lives of conservative Americans. Every member of our team is committed to journalistic integrity, fact-based reporting, and the idea that our elected officials should be held accountable for their actions.

The Republican Patriot Mission

Our mission here at Republican Patriot is to generally empower our readers. You deserve to wake up each day to news that actually matters and will make a difference in your lives. What we publish puts emphasis on legislation and culture, giving you a complete picture of how our ever-evolving landscape shapes our politics. We also have our eye on the liberal media and strive to adhere to the highest standard of accountability possible.

Meet the Republican Patriot Team

No one on the Republican Patriot team wants anything as badly as they want to see our elected officials and local politicians held accountable for their actions. Each member of our team comes from a different walk of life, but they all share a desire to do everything in our power to make sure our government lives up to its promises. We spend a great deal of time examining the way legislation is shaped by social issues while at the same time monitoring legislation and other changes that could have an impact on our constitutionally protected rights.

We are committed to providing both brief and in-depth coverage on all of the critical issues in the news. We value your time and know you need to be able to read, absorb, and digest sharp and direct news — information you can use to protect your families and preserve your values.

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