North Carolina Student Charged With Misdemeanor After Slapping Teacher

A shocking video circulating across the internet and social media platforms shows a North Carolina teenager slapping a middle-aged teacher across the face — twice. For a brazen attack on an authority figure the young man was only charged with misdemeanors.

The incident, which was captured on another student’s smartphone, reportedly began when the educator took the teenager’s vape.

The audio clearly revealed the obscenities being spewed by the student as he attacked the Parkland High School teacher. Her only response to being slapped was to ask, “Do you think that affected me any?”

The teenager interrupted his profanities long enough to goad the teacher by asking “Do you want me to hit you again?” She said she did not “want it,” which apparently prompted him to strike her a second time.

This time her glasses went flying.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office released a statement Tuesday on the disturbing incident. The teenager was charged with attacking a government official and communicating threats, and reportedly will be detained in a juvenile detention facility.

Far from being shocked by the vicious attack, students may be heard giggling in the video.

The alleged student attacker then returned to his desk and taunted the teacher by proclaiming, “ain’t nobody coming. You just got slapped, go back to teaching.”

Authorities say their hands are tied in prosecuting the teenager as an adult. District Attorney Jim O’Neill claimed he lacked the authority to elevate the repercussions to a far more serious level.

As the charges are only misdemeanors, O’Neill said they cannot be brought to superior court.

He added a warning to students who may intend to copycat the revolting attack, saying that his office is determined to ensure such an incident is not repeated. “We want to remind people if you put your hands on a teacher, it’s the same as if you put your hands on one of these officers.”

But those words ring hollow when the teenager only faces juvenile misdemeanor charges. And the school district reported a staggering 46 incidents of school staff being attacked by students just in the last school year.