NPR Editor Berliner Resigns After Being Suspended Without Pay

Veteran National Public Radio (NPR) editor and newly minted whistleblower Uri Berliner resigned Wednesday after spending 25 years with the liberal network. He faced the taxpayer-funded organization’s wrath for exposing its blatant liberal bias and utter disregard for the truth.

For his transgression, Berliner received five days of suspension without pay.

The whistleblower penned a recent essay detailing the hard-left slant of the supposedly journalistic outfit. He focused on its single-minded determination to sabotage former President Donald Trump and paint the violent riots of 2020 as peaceful demonstrations.

Berliner mourned the downward trajectory taken by the once respected outlet. But even as he resigned Wednesday, he still stopped short of calling for its defunding.

But the now-former editor added, “I cannot work in a newsroom where I am disparaged by a new CEO whose divisive views confirm the very problems at NPR I cited in my Free Press essay.”

The controversial Katherine Maher took over the troubled network last month, and social media has since been inundated with her old postings displaying a far-left bias.

And Berliner is hardly a conservative with an ax to grind at NPR. He recounted twice voting against Trump and resisted calls for the end of taxpayer funding of the liberal outlet.

But the handwriting was clearly on the wall when he wrote the scathing expose of the network’s far-left slant. Berliner cited examples such as its coverage of the thoroughly debunked Russian collusion hoax, the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and the lab leak theory of the origin of COVID-19.

The outlet suffered no dissent and did everything in its power to push a single anti-Trump narrative.

Berliner also noted the extreme disparity between Democrats and Republicans at NPR’s Washington, D.C. newsroom. He said many employees were simply on a crusade to hurt Trump in any way possible.

He recounted a person he believed to be remarkably “fair-minded,” at least for NPR, advising him not to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story for fear it would help Trump’s cause in the last presidential election.

This would not do for a network bent on destroying the sitting president of the U.S., and his colleagues would never stand for such honesty. After his recent article, some openly stated they no longer wanted to share a newsroom with him.