Tucker Carlson Identifies US Goverment’s Enemy: Christians

Tucker Carlson has claimed that the modern American government sees faithful Christians as enemies. He supported this assertion by citing several examples such as the authorities’ inaction regarding the burning of Christian churches across the country.

During the COVID-19 pandemic Carlson noted the unequal treatment of Christian churches which were closed while establishments like strip clubs cannabis dispensaries and liquor stores remained open supposedly for public health reasons. He also mentioned the case of pro-life activist Paul Vaughn who faces 11 years in prison for singing and praying outside an abortion clinic suggesting that those in power view true Christians as threats.

Carlson then discussed a new anti-Christian documentary by leftist filmmaker Rob Reiner titled “God and Country.” The film portrays pro-American Christians as a menace to society misrepresenting both the constitutional republic and Christianity.

Megan Basham from The Daily Wire appeared on Carlson’s show and explained that the documentary depicts evangelicals who participate in the political process as a threat to democracy. She emphasized the intentional effort to undermine the influence of evangelicals a significant voting bloc in the United States.

According to Basham the film attempts to group various Christian figures from Billy Graham to Mike Pence with the Unite the Right rally led by atheist Richard Spencer in an effort to portray them all as dangerous and extreme. Basham criticized the documentary for relying on the testimony of self-proclaimed Christians who support positions that contradict traditional Christian teachings such as abortion and LGBT rights.

Carlson’s take is one that is becoming more and more ubiquitous in the United States as the federal government along with many states have placed Christians in many situations where they have to choose between their principles and supporting governing bodies that are seemingly antithetical to those beliefs.