War Between Elon Musk And Australia Escalates

As the owner of X, formerly Twitter, and a valiant proponent of free expression, Elon Musk is getting accustomed to being targeted by leftists. Now it’s the Australian government coming after his head, and one official expressed her desire to see the entrepreneur behind bars.

The current standoff stems from the horrific knife attack last week on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel during services at Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakely, a suburb of Sydney. The Assyrian Orthodox Church leader was stabbed six times, and four others suffered injuries.

A 15-year-old boy was taken into custody. Though no motive was publicized, some outlets cited Emmanuel’s criticisms of different faiths as leading up to the incident.

Emmanuel was also well-known for his strident opposition to LGBT ideology.

Meanwhile, a video of the vile attack was posted on X. This outraged Tasmanian Sen. Jacqui Lambie, who told Sky News that someone like Musk “should be in jail and the key thrown away.”

Her issue and that of other leftists was that the video spread around the globe. The Australian government asked that X take down the footage, and the platform was apparently willing to comply in Australia. But that was not enough.

Instead, leftist lawmakers such as Lambie insisted that they must control what can be seen in other nations as well. She also declared that she deleted her X account and challenged all Australian government leaders to follow her lead.

But her motivation and that of other liberals became clear.

The Blaze reported that the attacker was infuriated by what he perceived as insults to the Prophet Mohammed. Therefore, the attack on the Christian church was an act of terrorism motivated by fanatical religious beliefs.

This fact obviously does not align with the narrative pushed by leftists in both Australia and the U.S. The video is stark proof that the demographic that leaders would like to blame for terrorist violence was not responsible — at least in this one incident.

This knowledge must be suppressed at all costs. And for one Australian lawmaker, that meant the “free speech absolutist” owner of X must be locked up and the key thrown away.

After all, the people must not be allowed to see what really happened at Christ the Good Shepherd Church.