Hypocritical Washington Post Blasts Favorable Media Coverage Of Trump

The leftist mainstream media is consistently stunned when even one outlet or platform does not march in lockstep with their agenda. This time it’s the Washington Post’s turn to express outrage that a tabloid newspaper may have given Donald Trump favorable coverage in 2016.

The outlet accused the National Enquirer — that’s right, the Enquirer — of slanting its coverage for the Republican. Further, the paper allegedly buried articles that could have been detrimental to the Trump campaign.

Does the Post truly believe that the American people have such a short memory that they’ve forgotten the media’s cheerleading role in the 2016 presidential campaign?

David Pecker, former publisher of the Enquirer, testified at Trump’s New York trial that he collaborated with the candidate’s lawyers to suppress possibly harmful stories.

Does the media’s reaction to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal of 2020 ring any bells?

The New York Times jumped on the narrative as well, calling the Enquirer a “powerful, national political weapon.” It breathlessly accused the outlet of favoring Trump’s candidacy and assisting his campaign.

Again, we’re talking about the National Enquirer. At no point in U.S. history has the supermarket tabloid had any significant influence on a presidential election.

But the mainstream media certainly has.

The corporate press believed that Hillary Clinton would be crowned after a November landslide. There was no chance that the upstart Trump would be taken seriously, and Democrats would continue to rule Washington.

After all, he was a conservative, and the media glorified Barack Obama for eight years leading up to this election.

The American people would be horrified by the Russian collusion story and recoil in horror that a candidate sold out his country to the Cold War foe.

Only, that narrative did not succeed, and Trump was elected. Then, of course, came the election denial of Clinton and her followers, and surely there must have been some insidious plot that installed a Republican of all things in the White House.

And now the desperate left has a boogeyman. The National Enquirer managed to propel Donald Trump into the White House despite the fair and balanced coverage of all other major news outlets.

Does the Post expect any serious person to believe this?