Maher Mocks Lemon’s Victimhood As ‘Black Gay Man’

The host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” made certain that former CNN host Don Lemon did not get away with a ridiculous comment. On the most recent episode, Maher and Lemon talked about the spreading anti-Israel protests that are roiling college campuses.

While both and another guest agreed that the demonstrations are antisemitic and Lemon called them a “fad,” he then added his personal observation.

The fired host claimed that the protests may be a learning experience for some of the students involved. Lemon declared, “I’m not minimizing what’s going on, but it teaches some of these students to deal with discomfort.”

Then Lemon unfortunately continued. “Listen, I’m different than you guys. I’m a Black gay man, so I live in uncomfortable spaces all the time. And I think that’s a good lesson for college students.”

Maher quickly pounced, asking Lemon what exactly he was talking about before clarifying that he wanted to know about these “spaces.”

The former CNN host replied, “I’m often the only person of color in the room.” Maher retorted, “There’s only three of us here, come on,” as the crowd loudly cheered his response.

Lemon wore out his welcome at his longtime employer with an indefensible rant about former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. During her unsuccessful Republican primary run, the host claimed she was “past her prime” as a woman.

It was soon apparent that his female co-hosts, CNN brass and the few viewers remaining for the network were not amused. He was subsequently fired.

Maher did not shy away from the dominant issue of the war between Israel and Hamas terrorists. He began his latest program with a monologue blasting the anti-Israel protesters occupying college campuses and shutting down major thoroughfares with protests.

He said these misguided extremists are what results when “activism merges with narcissism.”

Maher, a leftist himself who has little use for woke radicals, explained that it is “dumb” to think you will convince someone of your point of view by making them “late to pick up their kids from daycare.”

To support Gaza, Maher observed that liberals who apparently do not have responsibilities hold up people from getting to their jobs. That, he said, “seems kind of [a] privilege.”