Virginia Democrat Claims Ukraine’s Border Is The US’s Border

As the House debated a foreign aid package to send Ukraine a whopping $60 billion, Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA) claimed that Ukraine’s border is the U.S.’s.

Shortly after the bill passed the chamber, Democrats waved Ukrainian flags.
“Some say we have to deal with our border first,” Connolly said. “The Ukrainian-Russian border is our border.”

The Post Millennial pointed out that the Virginia congressman also supports funding for Gaza, which is the region fighting against Israel after Hamas terrorists launched a massive invasion of the Holy Land on Oct. 7, 2023.

“It’s the border between depraved autocracy and freedom-loving people seeking our democratic way of life. Do we have a stake in that outcome?” Connolly asked, to which he replied, “Yes. Undeniably, Yes.”

Connolly asked his fellow lawmakers, “Will we rise to the occasion? Will we stand shoulder to shoulder with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who for 1,151 days have been holding off the depraved, thuggish dictator Vladimir Putin, who has respected no norms of warfare?”

“He’s targeted children and hospitals and schools. He’s bombed apartment blocks killing 1,000s,” the Virginia Democrat said, referring to Putin.

Republicans in Congress have expressed their concerns that the border requiring funding is the U.S.-Mexico border, not that of Ukraine.

Since President Joe Biden took office, millions of illegal immigrants have crossed the southern border into the U.S. Instead of tackling the issue, the president has enacted programs allowing an additional 30,000 unlawful migrants from certain countries monthly.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy claimed the U.S. isn’t funding Ukraine, but rather protecting freedom across Europe.

“Americans are not funding the war in Ukraine. They first and foremost protect freedom and democracy all over Europe,” Zelenskyy said.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) rose to the speakership after his predecessor, former Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), was ousted following complaints from Republicans in the House Freedom Caucus who demanded funding to secure America’s border before sending additional foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel or Taiwan.

Instead of taking note, Johnson brought a vote to the House floor that sends more funds overseas, leaving America vulnerable to ever-increasing illegal immigration.