New Details Emerge Tying Trump Whistleblower To Bidens’ Ukraine Dealings

The whistleblower who sparked the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump, Eric Ciaramella, has been found to have connections to President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s business activities in Ukraine.

Journalists have uncovered that Ciaramella, who accused Trump of a “quid pro quo” involving his request for Ukraine to investigate allegations of Biden family corruption, had a vested interest in the matter. Documents released by the National Archives show that Ciaramella was aware of then-Vice President Biden’s efforts to remove Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma Holdings, the energy company where Hunter Biden served on the board.

Ciaramella, who worked as a national security analyst and adviser to Biden, feigned surprise in an email response to Biden’s threat to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees from Ukraine unless Shokin was fired. But emails reveal that he played a significant role in White House discussions on how to handle Hunter’s involvement with Burisma.

The selective targeting of Trump by Ciaramella suggests that he was more of an anti-Trump activist than a whistleblower. If he were truly concerned about corruption, he would have also come forward about Biden’s actions, which were arguably more severe than the alleged “quid pro quo” between Trump and Ukraine.

RealClear Investigations highlighted this point, stating, “Some former congressional investigators say Ciaramella effectively helped cover up a scandal far worse than what Trump was impeached over. What’s more, he failed to disclose that he had a potential conflict of interest stemming from his connection to the matter Trump asked Zelensky to probe when he lodged his complaint against Trump.”

Ciaramella’s ties to the Bidens’ Ukraine dealings raises serious questions about the motives behind the first Trump impeachment and the integrity of the process. As more information comes to light, it becomes increasingly clear that the impeachment was driven by political bias rather than a genuine concern for the rule of law.

The American people deserve transparency and accountability from their government. The double standard applied to Trump and Biden in this case undermines public trust and reinforces the perception of a deeply bias system.